Is my message from CIB real?

Because of the fact that multiple fake messages circulated in the past, we understand consumers wonder if the message they received from Centraal Invorderings Bureau is real. What to do if you doubt the authenticity of the message you received? We recommend you to contact CIB.

This way you can check whether your message from CIB is genuine.

It could occur that you received a letter, email or SMS from Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB). The reason you received a reminder is because you probably have not settled an invoice with a company that deployed CIB to collect this unsettled invoice. To make sure you received a real message from us, we would like to explain what it looks like from the outside.

What does an original envelope from CIB look like?

Our logo is printed twice on an original (Dutch) envelope from CIB. At the top left of the envelope you can see our full logo, including a logo and “Centraal Invorderings Bureau”. Our logo is also printed at the bottom right.

On a Belgian envelope, you can only see a purple “swoosh” at the bottom right, and a dark blue PostNL priority logo below the address.

Finally, there is a turquoise line at the bottom left of the envelope, with our address on the right: Wilhelminakade 159, 3072 AP Rotterdam.

How do I recognize a real email from CIB?

We only send reminders from the email: In a real email from Centraal Invorderings Bureau, we always state your file number (comprising of 8 numbers) and the phone number you can use to call us.

How do I recognize a suspicious email?

A lot of fraud attempts start with a fake email. That is why it is important to be able to distinguish real emails from fake ones. Fraud Helpdesk’s email indicator can help you with this.

Clarity about an email with 7 questions:

  1. Does the email have a personal preamble?
  2. Does the email seem to be written flawlessly?
  3. Are you a customer of the aforementioned company?
  4. Was the mail sent from an email of the company itself? (In our case:
  5. Is the tone of voice of the email friendly and do you get sufficient time to respond?
  6. Does the email refer to a reliable website? (Hover your mouse over the link without clicking. Do you work with a tablet? Please hold the link a little longer)
  7. What does your gut tell you? Is the email real?


Is the answer to all questions yes? This email is probably real.

Is the answer to one of the questions no? This email is probably fake. If you believe to have received a fake email, please inform us as soon as possible. For help with other resources and what you can do, please visit

Source: Fraude Helpdesk

What do CIB’s text messages look like?

An original text message from CIB always contains your file number. We also end the message with a secured ‘shortlink’, at which CIB’s logo is visible. The latter can depend on the display settings on your phone.

What can I do?

Are you sure you you received a real message from CIB? In that case, you cannot just ignore the message. Please go to My CIB for all information about what you can do.

Are uou not sure?

Do you doubt the authenticity of the message you received? We recommend you to contact CIB via 010 – 41 45 444. Furthermore, you can also read the consumentenbond‘s tips or check the shortlink via without visiting the underlying page.