Solving debts

Our trained and experienced staff are there to help you find a solution to a difficult financial situation.

Financial hardship can have many causes.

Sudden unemployment, a divorce or other personal drawbacks. At this, an incomplete overview of current spendings, excessive high loans, but also a company bankruptcy could lead to payment arrears, and eventually to (problematic) debts.

CIB is happy to help you.

An increasing amount of letters from collection agencies and bailiffs, a recurrent lack of money to pay fixed costs and all kinds of other problems. These often lead to incredible psychological stress. It is sometimes just too much to solve it all by yourself. It is therefore important that you get the help you need. CIB has experienced staff at hand to help you. CIB is the mediator between you and your creditor(s).

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Our trained and experienced staff are there to help you find a solution to a difficult financial situation.

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Control over your finances

A clear overview is the first step to a structural solution. Map your debts, e.g. By completing the form ‘Income and expenses’ in My CIB or by talking to one of our colleagues. You can log in with My CIB to view the current status of your unsettled claim(s) with CIB.

An attentive ear and a helping hand

Based on your conversation with our CIB staff, we will see what you can do with your unsettled invoice and other debts. Our colleagues are also there to help you if your income changes because you lost your job or a relative passed away, for example.

Set up a repayment plan

A first important step to get you out of debt is by stimulating your independence. You can do so by consulting tips and aids. At the website of and, you can find a lot of information about debts. Furthermore, you could also consult a neighbourhood team and/or municipal helpdesk.

Help from your municipality

Most municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium have their own helpdesk for help on the area of money and debts. Your municipality can help you if you would like advice about financial matters, so also if you are not in debt or just find it hard to get control over your financial matters. Please contact your own municipality for this.

When you live in Belgium and need help regarding (problematic) debts, please consult OCMW in your municipality (Please note: In FR this is called CPAS). They can help you get control over your debts. They can also provide guidance in agreeing on payment arrangements and they can assist you and act as mediator between you and your creditor(s).

De Vraagwijzer
De Vraagwijzer is a free helpdesk in the municipality of Rotterdam. VraagWijzer is meant for all people living in Rotterdam that want to ask a question about healthcare, money, living, transport or legal business. Besides debts, they can also find a solution for possible other personal problems. You can find De Vraagwijzer via: